iPhone SDK Announced, Alphabet Soup Down 3 Letters

Today Apple (formally) announced the release of a Software Development Kit.  An SDK allows independent third party developers to create applications for the iPhone.  Applications will be distributed through iTunes and subject to Apple approval (Good: no crap malware sneaks through. Bad: you must Trust Apple’s discretion in allowing/disallowing applications onto iTunes).  In any case, this comes as really good news for me, someone too timid to jailbreak/hack their iPhone into third-party software submission. Also, for you Enterprise drones in the big firm or corporate world, Apple licensed ActiveSync to wash away all of your Microsoft Exchange woes and ease the minds of IT Staff everywhere.  Oh, yeah, and ActiveSync will allow push email, calendar and address book syncing… a.k.a. watch out Palm & RIM.  You can get all the gory details at either tuaw or Lifehacker.

OK, This One Is Mine.

Unless you are in trial ALOT (in which case you probably aren’t reading this), you may want a way to stay fresh on your evidence (objections, hearsay etc.). Or, maybe you just want to expand your Spanish vocabulary or brush up on those periodic tables… who knows. But, just as in school, one way to keep fresh can be to flip through a set of flash cards from time to time.

But, who can stand to carry several decks of flash cards around? Well, if you have an iPhone, you can stand it, and listen to some smooth tunes while you learn as well.

Evidence Flash Card AnswerEvidence Flash Card Q

Step 1: Either scan a set of flash cards (Fujitsu Scansnap or any business card scanner should do) or create a set in Pages/Word (if creating a custom set, be sure to set the paper size to no larger than 3X5 and landscape mode, not portrait).

Step 2: Email those suckers to any account which your iPhone uses.

Step 3: Open email on your iPhone, download the document, turn that iPhone sideways, and enjoy.

No more dropping, losing, or inadvertently shuffling up your flash cards. Plus, they all now fit in the slim slim iPhone.

One caveat… if you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro, you might want to avoid OCR’ing the document and/or saving it out under Preview. Some OCR’d flash cards refused to display properly on the iPhone, but once stripped of their text and saved from Preview worked just fine.