Reformatting Text

Every litigator (who does at least some of his or her own typing) should know the basics for copy and paste… “shift/alt/command v” to paste and match style vs. plain old “command v.” (FYI the ‘command’ key is the squiggle next to the space bar).But, even the paste special sometimes leaves you hanging, literally, with a whole bunch of bogus line endings, all caps, mixed caps or some other horrid text abomination. Devon Technologies did everyone a favor by putting together an OS X service which reformats text in a snap… WordService 2.7 is a free ‘service’ plug-in that takes away some pain.Devon’s WordServiceWordService CapsOf course, to make your favorite WordService quickly available without too much mousing around, you should map a keyboard shortcut to it in System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse>Keyboard Shortcuts. So, really it’s a two-fer’ tip here… because you can map any menu item you want to a particular keyboard shortcut, not just services items.Sys Preferences Keyboard Mapping

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