Save a PDF as Black and White

Not so long ago, the federal court clerk refused an efiling and requested it be refiled… the problem? The pleading had a scanned signature on it which showed up in nice blue ink and the federal efiling system required black and white. A quick attempt to save the document as black and white from Adobe Acrobat Pro failed, as did the attempt to print as black and white back to Acrobat Pro…. grrr. However, opening the document in Mac OS X’s built in Preview provided the solution… Save as gives the ability to save as black and white, even though the $300 Acrobat Pro refused to do so!

2 thoughts on “Save a PDF as Black and White

  1. Preview is a very under-appreciated program. I find I do not need Acrobat at all. It is easy to add pages to an existing PDF document and to remove unnecessary one. It loads quickly, unlike Acrobat. And since it is part of the initial software you get with a Mac you do not fill up your hard drive with a huge program.

  2. Thank you. It’s also handy to use the “Gray Tone” option under the Quartz Filter popup menu (keeps pictures looking much nicer…but my need wasn’t for court use).

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