Return from the Wild.

MacLitigator is back… early no less. No, it wasn’t the lack of internet or the inability to watch reality t.v. (ugh) that prompted an early return. Rather, the program which drew me into the wild just didn’t make a good fit with me personally. So, on to the tips regarding remote tech.

  • Prepare in advance. Let the important folks know you’ll be gone and leave forwarding phone numbers for emergencies.
  • Piggyback wireless wherever you can find it, and you can find it much easier with either macstumbler or kismac/istumbler/netstumbler.  Caution should be used as some view an using open wireless as pirating, while others view an open wireless connection as an invitation. 
  • For cell phone service, get up high, at the crest of a hill or on top of a butte.
  • Boost your cell phone signal with a booster antenna… I used Cell Ranger STIX available at for $129. Yes, it really works and works very well. However, with two cell phones running off the same repeater, sound quality did degrade somewhat.
  • Most importantly, relax. Much like a long running soap opera, the fast paced interwebs change microscopically in the big picture. Some RSS fees were up over 400 on my return. After bouncing through the first few entries, I realized that much of these little blurbs are, well, just blurbs and I missed nothing of consequence by my absence.

2 thoughts on “Return from the Wild.

  1. Bennett wonders if you’ll be the first to blog from TLC so we’re all dying to know what happened with the not so good fit. How long did you last?

  2. Dave:

    It’s not a question of how long I lasted. However, a tech blog is an inappropriate place to discuss my views on the TLC. That said, I’d be happy to discuss it with you privately if you’d like and I’ll email you direct.


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