TrialPad – 2.0 – The Real Deal

Just finished watching TechnoEsq. video coverage of the soon to be released TrialPad 2.0. It looks like it is, in fact, becoming well worth the $89 price tag. The new features include side by side display of documents, on the fly call outs, differing colors and widths of highlight tools, and the ability to display .mov and .mp4 video as well as do basic video editing. The whole video is a little more than 6 minutes and worth watching to see what’s coming up. Now if they can only get AirPlay functionality down for static documents and video…

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  1. Great video. I am very excited, too, as it appears Ian has added the same features to TrialPad that already exists in Litigation Director.

    I completely agree regarding AirPlay functionality, as I described in this post. Hopefully, TrialPad incorporates wireless document presentation in future updates.


  2. I downloaded what was available on their website – 1.5. It syncs perfectly with Dropbox, so that’s good but the functionality is otherwise pretty much like 1.0 as described in your lukewarm welcome.

    There’s a support e-mail address on the web site that I wrote to a week ago, to confirm that the 2.0 version was on the way and that it would be a free upgrade from the 1.5, as the video clip suggested. No response to date, which does not strengthen my confidence in these developers. The cost of the application is high for an iPad application, but makes sense if it can really add the value suggested in the video clip. But I am nervous about the non-responsiveness. I could understand that the delay in releasing the upgrade could just be Apple’s AppStore bureaucracy, but it would be nice to have some word from the people behind the software.


  3. @Rob, I think you meant “TrialDirector,” when you stated “Litigation Director?”

    @Stephen, as a Trial Consultant who is involved in trial presentation regularly, after having tried all three apps (TrialPad, Evidence, Exhibit A), I felt that given the limitations of the apps and the iPad, they were not ready for much more than a very small and/or simple presentation. I will demo all of them during my presentation at the ASTC Conference in Seattle in June.

    However, if TrialPad does indeed come through with the zoom and multiple documents displayed as described and shown in the demo, other than the lack of decent file management and other advanced features (hey, it still has to run on an iPad), it could actually be useful for trial presentation in some situations. I look forward to seeing version 2.0.

    I can also tell you that I exchanged a few emails with Ian (TrialPad), and he told me that he’s not going to release it before it is ready – a real smart thing, especially in light of recent BlackBerry and Xoom tablet disasters.

    For yet another idea as to where we might be heading, I’ve posted a review/comparision of the iPad and HP Slate 500:

  4. Just to follow up on Stephen’s post above, we did get in touch yesterday when he emailed me directly. I was unaware of his earlier email and all I can say is that it must have gotten lost in cyberspace! I was able to answer his questions and apologized for not responding to the earlier email. I do try to respond to every single email myself.

    We’re still working on refining 2.0. The delay has been because we wanted to incorporate some user requests from attendees at ABA TECHSHOW (AKA feature creep!), and not rush an update out the door without proper testing.

    Kind regards,

    Lit Software, LLC
    Developer of TrialPad for iPad

  5. No need to wait! Exhibit A already provides most of the promised features TrialPad is waiting to release:

    1. Multiple annotation tools (5 color pens, laser pointer, highlighter).
    2. Easy Dropbox integration.
    3. Support for video, PDFs and image files.
    4. Emailing and quick search.

    Check out a full comparison between Exhibit A and TrialPad here:

    All the best,
    Michael Henderson
    Lectura, LLC

  6. Hi Ted,

    Another reason for the slight delay is I’m beefing up the file management section, I think (hope) you’ll be impressed! And, yes, it still has to run on an iPad (1) without bogging down.

    Kind regards,

    Lit Software, LLC
    Developer of TrialPad for iPad

  7. Well I for one am very interested to see what comes in Version 2.0. I hope it arrives soon as I have a trial the end of June that I am itching to try it out. I think Airplay integration will be a huge plus IF it can work without significant lag. Frankly I am not sure how that would be set up in a courtroom environment unless you bring your own portable wifi network in with you. I don’t think the iPad can interface directly with the AppleTV without an existing wifi network – perhaps I am wrong about that.

  8. I’m not impressed with this, trial presentation apps have been doing this for 20 years.

  9. Trial Director is out now. I just updated to it (free as promised). Can hardly wait to learn and use the new features.
    Pete, things seem to have been a little sleepy on the blog for the past couple of months. I hope it’s because of busy-ness => prosperity in the practice, not something bad. I hope you come back one of these days, though. I bet I’m not the only one who misses you!


  10. Correction to last comment. Fingers faster than mind this morning. I typed “Trial Director” and of course I meant Trial Pad 2.0. Everything else still applies…

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