Circus Ponies Notebook + Dropbox = Joy

Just noticed that Notebook for iPad has been updated to sync via Dropbox. Previously, the only way to sync was over the USB drag-n-drop through iTunes run around. Once your Dropbox credentials are in Notebook, you can download and sync pre-existing Notebooks from the Dropbox cloud, or you can designate a folder and upload notebooks created on your iPad. Now that Notebook syncs over Dropbox, this will be my go to outliner on the iPad.

4 thoughts on “Circus Ponies Notebook + Dropbox = Joy

  1. I use good reader all the time. Wondering if circus ponies would really add much value for me in keeping client trial notebooks? I organize entire notebooks using GR. If I have hand written notes I scan and add them to the file. I have tried many notebook apps but always go back to GR. do you see value in CP above and beyond GR.

  2. A bit more follow up to my last post and how I use GR. I have my entire file scanned and made into a PDF. The PDF has bookmarks and sections within the bookmarks for easy reference. The PDF is ocr’d so it is searchable. As new documents get added to the file a larger PDF is made. I admit I don’t actually do the work of changing the file so maybe it’s a bit harder than I think. this method works quite well for me, but I am always looking for methods to improve upon the system.

  3. How do I back up the Mac desktop version to DropBox? I see that my iPad can back up, but how about my desktop version?

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