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There has been a ton of press about OnLive Desktop and the ability to run Windows on your iPad. There’s a reason it’s free.

While it seems like a great idea on paper, the reality is far from appealing. Not only does the connection frequently fail, OnLive Desktop also stands as a solid reminder just how ugly and unworkable Microsoft Office becomes on a tablet interface (not to mention how unworkable Windows 7 is on a tablet interface).

Compare & ContrastMicrosoft Word OnLive Desktop vs. Pages on iPad

1 thought on “OnLive Desktop

  1. Hi. Great blog!!

    I agree on the “good (only) on paper” result of the abstractly good idea of OnLive Desktop and the fact that Pages is a significantly better option to work on the iPad.

    I just would suggest a specification for your post regarding the screenshot you’ve chosen for Pages, as it is it can be a bit misleading: from this picture it seems that Pages allows the management of footnotes, which it does not (at least to my knowledge).

    Actually, track-changes and footnotes management are the only two missing elements that would make Pages a self sufficient and proficient work tool for the lawyer.

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