Which Flavor iPad?

One of the most often asked questions: “Which iPad should I choose?” Spoiler alert: Get the Verizon model, as much memory as you can afford.

Why the Verizon iPad? Wireless Presentation.

There are three ‘flavors’ for the latest iPad. First, wireless only which means no internet access unless you are connected to a wireless network. For some people, they don’t care about needing to piggyback on strange and unfamiliar wireless networks. If you fear the seedy back alleys of free wireless, go with an iPad that has built in cellular technology from either Verizon or AT&T (sorry, not available on Sprint at this time).

More specifically, go with the Verizon version. Why? (1) Tethering. (2) You can tether the AppleTV to your iPad and, yes, that means you can now carry one less device for wireless presentations in court (or elsewhere). With an AppleTV tethered to your iPad, you can also use AirPlay to stream back to an AppleTV connected to a projector.

Finally, get as much memory as you can afford. Although cloud storage is becoming ubiquitous, it’s still nice to have as much headroom as you can get.

5 thoughts on “Which Flavor iPad?

  1. Please explain how the Verizon (and the not the AT&T) new iPad dispenses with the need for an extra device to stream via AirPlay to AppleTV.

  2. The Verizon iPad works as a wireless hotspot. (1) Turn on the wireless hotspot; (2) have your AppleTV join that network; and (3) use AirPlay to push media from iPad to the AppleTV.

    I don’t believe the AT&T version allows the iPad to be used as a hotspot.

  3. Both Verizon and AT&T have that feature. The rub with Verizon is the network. It is great for phones but far slower for data.

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