Rulebook Updated – 1Ls and Citation Geeks Rejoice

Just in time for back-to-school, The Bluebook is now available on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch as an in-app purchase through rulebook. The Bluebook is a uniform system of legal citation force fed to first year law students and relied upon by citation junkies everywhere. Serious legal writers and experienced lawyers also use The Bluebook to maintain their credibility with the recent law grads who clerk at the courts since these new grads firmly believe that anyone who fails to cite in compliance with The Bluebook knows nothing about the law. The in-app purchase is the same price as a hard copy, but just try searching hard copy for the proper format for Commercial Recordings so that you can correctly cite Don Henley, The Boys of Summer, on Building the Perfect Beast (Geffen Records 1984).

2 thoughts on “Rulebook Updated – 1Ls and Citation Geeks Rejoice

  1. It’s $40. Guess I’ve been outta law school too long because I remember it being about half that much. Maybe I’ll suck it up and buy it after my online subscription expires. Regardless, thanks for making me open up rulebook. Haven’t done so in forever, because when the app first came out I couldn’t find any rules for my states in there. Now they’re almost all there, so thanks!

  2. It’s $27 at and nearly $40 on Searchable and on my ipad is likely worth the few dollars more.

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