PACERPro – Federal Court Dockets Simplified

Solving Federal Court Docket Headaches

Managing documents and pleadings from the federal court PACER system can be frustrating. Anyone who has accessed a lengthy docket or attempted to download a motion for summary judgment, memorandum in support and attached exhibits has experienced the dissatisfaction of the current, somewhat dated, federal system interface. Navigating, searching and finding documents across the entire federal court PACER docket system has been near impossible. PacerPRO attempts the herculean task of not only corralling unruly downloads and searching within a single case docket, but also undertakes the herculean task of providing an accessible means of searching across all federal court case dockets.

PacerPRO takes a significant step in the right direction, providing a clean and easy-to-use interface for not only accessing the PACER system, but also managing the documents once they are located. The most interesting aspect is that they are using a sort of ‘crowd sourcing’ approach to gather up prior searches, making search quicker. The downsides right now include no search of the actual text contained in the pleading, memorandum etc. as well as limited fields available for search (e.g. Court, party names, case number, filing dates).

Highlights from the press release include: Searching PACER – Search, filter and save results across multiple courts simultaneously; Document Management – create and save collections of documents, reflect changes in the docket, and organize document collections; Mobile Access – Entirely web-based, PacerPRO provides attorneys access to important case information anywhere at anytime, iPad application, maintain offline collections.

Although PacerPRO does not yet allow the ‘dream’ of an all-areas backstage pass to federal filings, it takes a serious step in the right direction. Firms or lawyers who find themselves regularly wallowing in lengthy court dockets or desiring to search across the federal court docket system will likely find PacerPRO well worth the subscription price. Occasional federal litigators may not use the service frequently enough to justify the monthly cost.