Google Reader Closing – Alternative for RSS Feeds

Google Reader has provided my (and most everybody’s) sole source of news feeds from  favorite blogs for a number of years now. Google will close the Reader service on July 1st. After playing around with a few alternatives, I’ve landed with Feedly as my new RSS reader. Feedly is actually a very pleasant improvement over Google Reader. The web based service also has apps for iOS. Feedly’s iOS apps are very slick and sync with the online service. Marking items read, starred or tagged through a browser or an app syncs that info across all the platforms. Feedly also offers one-click sharing and archiving with a number of services. One click sharing includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. Archiving can be done in a single click to Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket and The all important ability to export from Feedly, however, is still in the works. The developers state that OPML export is on the way.

If you’re not convinced to use Feedly and still want to poke around looking for alternatives, here are some good round-ups: