Circus Ponies – Export to Outline, OneNote

The demise of Circus Ponies Notebook left many lawyers with a lot of information stuck in a soon-to-be obsolete app. However, the indie developer for an app called Outline has created a method for exporting and, then, importing your Circus Ponies Notebooks into Outline. Standing alone, Outline is a good alternative to Notebook, albeit missing some of the features. Once imported into Outline, you can use the Outline apps on your iPad and Mac to sync back-and-forth. Conveniently, Outline also works and syncs directly with Microsoft OneNote. The sync process is a bit clunky and weird. But, if you have critical information and outlines stuck in Circus Ponies Notebook, Outline is the best way to free that information. Also, right now, if you buy directly from Outline (as opposed to the Apple Store), you’ll get 30% off the purchase price.