DockView Shows App Thumbnails

Jealous of Windows 7’s ‘thumbnails’ that show up when the mouse hovers over an app on the task bar? DockView offers the same functionality, and more, for Mac OS X.  This great little app is only $7.99 and is free to try out with no limitations except an annoying and occasional ‘buy me’ window. The app plays nice with OSX’s Spaces so long as you switch to each Space and activate the app in that Space at least once.  So, if you have Preview PDFs open across three different Spaces, you can switch to them via the Dock thumbnail.  Additionally, when using Command-Tab, DockView also provides the pop-up thumbnail allowing quick switching for apps and windows. Finally, and better than Windows 7’s thumbnails, you can:

(1) alter the height and width of the pop ups; and, (2) pause, play and skip in the iTunes thumbnail. Genius and well worth the $7.99.

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