Awkward Breakup

A call came in the other day.

“Hey Pete, it’s Jerry.”


“Jerry Raster… I used to work on the network and your computers at your office?”

“Oh! Hey Jerry, what’s up?”

“Well, I hadn’t heard from you in a long time and I was just wondering if I did something wrong last time, or maybe you found somebody else to work on your PCs….”

“Oh no no no. We switched to Mac.”

Long, awkward silence.

“So, um, yeah, since switching, we haven’t needed any tech support except for getting the Ricoh Copier/Scanner/Printer to play nice, but it’s on a lease so the vendor took care of that.”

“Oh. Mac?”


Long, awkward silence.

“Yeah, um, well okay. Talk to you later.”

1 thought on “Awkward Breakup

  1. We have found the same, very little IT supports few hours for networking or firewall questions a year. I just spoke to another small firm that budgets $1,500 a month for PC consultants. Ouch.

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