Medical Chronologies in DEVONthink Pro

Over at MILO, members occasionally ask how/what/why one might use DEVONthink Pro for chronologies. Here’s a picture.

By the way, the screenshot was created and annotated using Skitch, a really awesome and free screen grab utility that works well with Evernote (and is owned by Evernote). Skitch is also available for, and equally awesome on, the iPad.

2 thoughts on “Medical Chronologies in DEVONthink Pro

  1. Do you mind if I ask how you got those medical records in PERFECT rtf format? Did someone have to type them up? Were you able to get them in some ASCII format originally? I always get paper, or scanned in PDFs. OCR helps, but never comes out as nice as the op report you have pictured. Thanks in advance.


  2. Occasionally, OCR actually works 🙂
    If the quality of the scanned document is good, you can generally get pretty good cut-n-paste results. Where the quality is not so good, I sometimes dictate, sometimes type depending on my mood.

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